massage therapies

The Definition of Massage

The systematic manipulation of soft body tissue to increase pliability, promote circulation and blood flow. Massage brings the physical effects and psychological changes for general well-being. All treatments prove extremely beneficial to people leading busy lifestyles and suffering from work-related stress. Massage aids mental relaxation and also works on back and neck pain that comes from sitting for an extended period of time at a desk or from physical labour.

Regular massage increases an overall sense of well-being for optimum physical and mental health, helping you to achieve your goals. Massage treats a wide range of disorders:
Insomnia, muscular tension, headaches and migraines, repetitive strain injury, depression, arthritis, eating disorders, digestive dysfunction, pre-natal pregnancy
conditions, fibrositis, spondylitis, frozen shoulder, whiplash, sports and dancing injuries.

All remedial therapies are claimable through HICAPS on the spot.

Ancient Stone Ritual




A luxurious experience using both physical


and metaphysical energies to balance the mind,


body and spirit. This therapy is an ancient


and enduring form of bodywork that has been


used by many cultures from the American Indians


to the Ancient healers of India.


This unique form of massage therapy


uses warmed volcanic stones to melt muscle


tension and subtly cooled marble stones


to draw out the heat from inflammations.


During the treatment, heated Placement


Stones will be positioned on key energy


points of the body including the


chakras to improve the flow of energy.


Working Stones are then used to


massage the muscles in conjunction with


regular massage techniques.



Tuesday – Sunday


30 mins $ 80


45 mins $ 115


60 mins $ 130


75 mins $ 155


90 mins $ 170



Remedial Combination


Ayurvedic or Reiki



Remedial Massage uses a


combination of techniques to help relieve


the symptoms associated with injury and stress.


It helps to soothe tired, aching muscles


and is also effective for treating


headaches, back pain and sporting injuries.


Remedial massage will increase blood


circulation and promote well-being.


Deep tissue massage is used to relax,


lengthen and release holding patterns in


the different layers of muscle tissue.


This is done using very specific techniques


with the intention of releasing the


layers of muscle tissue concentrating


on certain areas when the need arises.


Deep tissue remedial massage would 


benefit  anyone suffering from tension or


stress, headaches, back pain,


sporting injuries or muscle soreness.



Monday – Sunday


30 mins $ 70


45 mins $ 105


60 mins $ 120


75 mins $ 145


90 mins $ 160




Combine the massage with Shiro Dhara


for the ultimate Ayurvedic massage.



Based on the traditional Indian


science of Ayurveda, this massage


is the perfect treatment to


reduce muscle tension, relieve stress


and  balance energy. It restores 


prana, or life force and


“balances the three doshas that


govern all biological processes.


During this massage, warm nourishing


herbal oil is poured onto your


body and massaged in a specific


sequence that includes massage of the


Marma points, (vital points or


junctions in the body).


The treatment leaves you


feeling grounded, balanced and


rejuvenated. Combine the massage


with Shiro Dhara for


the ultimate Ayurvedic experience.



Tuesday Thursday
Friday – Sunday


30 mins  $  70


45 mins  $ 105


60 mins  $ 120


75 mins  $ 145


90 mins  $ 160



Simplicity, stillness, and silence creates the

ultimate relaxing experience. The principles

of Esalen Massage use long strokes moving slowly

across the whole body. The focus is on

cultivating the right quality of touch, as well as

sensing for receptivity and resistance in the muscles.

This style of massage directly affects the nervous

system resulting in a state of deep relaxation.


Saturday Sunday

60 mins $ 120

75 mins $ 145

90 mins $ 160

Pregnancy Massage Pre & Post-Natal


Massage during pregnancy has a number of benefits: 

Deep state of relaxation 

Normalising body systems 

Relief from muscle tension & cramping 

Helps mood swings 

Tones and strengthens the immune system. 

Massage during pregnancy is a wonderful gift for Mum and her unborn bub.

Our therapists specialise in pre and post-natal massage ensuring the best treatment



Monday – Sunday

30 mins $  70

45 mins $ 105

60 mins $ 120

75 mins $ 145

90 mins $ 160



This traditional holistic massage combines the healing

power of pure essential oils (selected especially for

you), smooth flowing strokes, enhanced with a combination

of lymphatic movements, pressure points and connective

tissue massage. A rhythmical massage of the whole body,

this therapy promotes an increase in blood circulation

and lymphatic fluids in order to release toxins, balances

the energy flow of the meridian lines, as well as

breaking down tension in the muscles. A deeply relaxing

path to health and harmony.


Tuesday Thursday

Friday – Sunday

45 mins $ 105

60 mins $ 120

90 mins $ 160



The Vodder method of lymphatic drainage stimulates

the body’s ability to cleanse itself of toxins and

cellular debris. Benefits include clearing the

skin, reducing cellulite deposits and boosting

circulation and digestion. This gentle treatment

can speed recovery from illness and assist in

reducing fluid retention and menstrual symptoms.


Tuesday – Sunday

30 mins $  70

45 mins $ 105

60 mins $ 120

75 mins $ 145

90 mins $ 160



Reflexology is a wonderful subtle but powerful

treatment, that can help and facilitate the

body to self-heal. Reflex points that can be

found in the feet, hands, face & ears

all relate to different parts of the body- using

zone therapy and meridian lines, these points

respond to pressure, stimulating the body natural

healing process to rebalance and repair. This

treatment is great for treating the follow of ailments:

Muscle and skeletal discomfort

Headaches & migraines

Digestive system problems such

as IBS or constipation.

Menopause symptoms

Pregnancy care


Stress & Anxiety



Friday – Sunday

30 mins $ 70  

60 mins $ 120

75 mins $ 145 

90 mins $ 160


Swedish Massage is based
on European & Oriental techniques

and a knowledge of modern anatomy

& physiology. The strokes and manipulations

are each conceived as having a specific

therapeutic benefit. This massage helps muscle

strain, increases circulation, stimulates the skin

and nervous system and soothes the nerves

themselves. It reduces stress, both emotional

and physical, and is suggested in a regular

program for stress management.


Monday – Sunday

30 mins $ 70

45 mins $ 105

60 mins $ 120

75 mins $ 145

90 mins $ 160



Shiro Dhara



An Ayurvedic oil flowing treatment aiming to


clear the mind and encourage the body into


deep relaxation. The therapy begins with


relaxing massage to allow the body to calm and


slow down, followed by the Dhara (oil flow).


For 20 minutes a gentle flow of warm oil is


poured onto the third eye area of the forehead.  A


wonderful treatment to rejuvenate the mind  and body.


Please note: Your hair will be damp


with oil, and it is best to have this


treatment where you can leave the oil


in overnight to nourish the hair and scalp.


( see also Ayurvedic Massage)





Tuesday Thursday


Friday Saturday


60 mins $ 150



90 mins $ 185




KaHuna is an ancient Hawaiian mind-body-soul experience


where the practitioner dances with and around your body


using flowing movements. This massage can bring about


physical and emotional release, self-awareness and


energy rebalancing by using music, breath, voice and


energy flow. The Practitioner uses hands, forearms and


elbow to massage your physical body and aura, thus


providing deep relaxation to your muscles and peace to


your mind. Not just a massage but more an experience.





Monday – Friday


Alternate Saturdays


60 min $ 145  



75 min $ 165  



90 min $ 180

Lomi Lomi



Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian technique to


restoring love, health  and  healing through massage.


It is a sacred experience,  as the therapist focuses on


pure thought, love “breath, a deep cleansing takes place.


This fluid and rhythmic treatment encourages lymphatic


drainage and energy  re-balancing. The massage


works to open your heart using hands,  “breath, rhythm


and energy flow. Lomi Lomi provides


deep relaxation for your muscles and your mind.





Monday – Wednesday Saturday with Caroline


Thursday Friday alternate Saturdays with Sigrid



60 mins $ 145    



75 mins $ 165    



90 mins $ 180




Oncology massage offers support in any stage of the


journey of all cancer treatments. What can be offered


to these clients is complete rest and relaxation in a


treatment to aid the body’s recovery from medical


procedures and to help alleviate symptoms such as


nausea, anxiety, fatigue and pain. A combination of


gentle techniques such as lymphatic, reflexology and


reiki may be used to assist the body to recover and


rest. Understanding the financial commitments and


stresses that anyone going through oncology treatments


experiences, we would be happy to provide discounts


for pre-paid regular treatment plans.




Tuesday Thursday – Saturday



30 mins $ 170   



45 mins $ 105



60 mins $ 120   



75 mins $ 140   



90 mins $ 160