Our therapists are trained to a high standard in their
modalities and are committed and passionate in the work they
do. Each therapist at The Buddha Bar brings a different
energy and gift and all have the one goal in mind…. to give
you the best treatment possible and support you in your well
being journey. With a large treatment menu to choose from you
will certainly find the therapy best suited to your needs.
our therapists are specialised in their treatments and work
different shifts some treatments are only available specific
days. We have Remedial specialists here 7 days a week.

You can view and read about our therapists below.

Recognised By Major Health Funds

Trish Power

Diploma of Remedial Massage

Health Fund Accredited


Ayurvedic treatments including

Facials and Shirodhara

Oncology support


Myofascial Release and Cupping

Lymphatic Drainage

Ancient Hot Stone Massage



Trish joined the Buddha Bar over 15 years ago, after falling in love with our philosophy and environment as a beautiful sanctuary.

Her treatments reduce stress while detoxing and
achieving balance and are beneficial for tight, sore
muscles limiting physical movement and function. She incorporates a number of modalities into her remedial treatments, such as myofascial release and cupping.


With Oncology Massage, Trish offers a nurturing treatment and symptom management, supporting your cancer journey and allowing you to connect with your physical, emotional and spiritual self to counterbalance more invasive procedures. Following oncology massage treatments, medical research shows statistically significant improvement in pain levels, fatigue, anxiety, nausea and depression.


Certified as an Ayurvedic Goddess practitioner, Trish offers gorgeous Ayurvedic spa treatments such as facials, body scrubs, Abhyanga massage, Shirodhara (oil flowing onto the forehead in a continuous stream) and seated head and feet massages. Trish uses products that have zero petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colour and are not tested on animals.  For more information please refer to the Ayurvedic Spa section of this website.



Wednesdays Thursdays

occasional Saturdays

Van Soares

Diploma of Remedial and Sports Massage



Deep Tissue


Trigger Point




Van is a skilled and passionate therapist.
He believes massage is the absolute best way to support and improve people’s overall
health and well-being. Van also enjoys staying active and the connection between
movement and overall well-being. He works alongside different therapists and utilises
skills and experience to deliver the highest standard in treatments and he tailors each
massage to be compatible with his clients individual needs.



Monday Wednesday
Thursday Saturdays

Tan Koh


Remedial Massage


Tan is one of the newest therapists to join our beautiful sanctuary and she practises deep tissue massage with strength to create a deeply relaxing experience for tight tired muscles.


Her enthusiasm focuses on reducing stress, increasing vitality and reducing tension. Tan’s treatments are fully customized to meet individual needs.

Douglas Channing

Diploma in Remedial Massage

Student of the Esalen® Institute





Ayurvedic Spa Treatments

Ayurvedic Facials




Douglas holds qualifications in holistic counselling and is currently completing further post-graduate studies psychotherapy. In his spare time, he enjoys sculpting and exploring  Jungian dream analysis.


In his early years, Douglas formally trained as a dancer which informed is passion for movement. As an adult, he developed an interest in using dance as a healing art. He now teaches both Chakradance® and Qi Gong


Due to his keen awareness of the way the body moves and the stories that it holds, Douglas graduated with a Diploma of Remedial Massage and as a Student of the Esalen® Institute specialising in bodywork and the process of integrating both mind and body in soulfulness. Holistic Esalen® Massage uses long, flowing strokes moving over the body in a wave-like dance, linking a deliberated touch with deep muscle work to release everyday stresses.


A typical session combines breath awareness, joint mobilisation, soft rocking, stretching and deeper work on specific parts to encourage a greater awareness of the body and its holding patterns. As a result both the muscular and nervous systems relax, inviting a fuller sense of vitality and increasing a feeling of wholeness, integration and deep relaxation.


Diploma of Kinesiology

Diploma of Energetic Healing


Emotion/Body Code

 Theta Healing 

Pendulum Alchemy

Reconnective Healing 


Leanne feels so grateful to have found her life passion in helping others through Kinesiology. She works by helping her clients release from pain whether its physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

It is our minds that betray us. Your negative beliefs, programs, thoughts and emotions. Your body is so intelligent that it will give you the signs when it is out of balance. These

signs can be pain, dis-ease or feeling stuck and unhappy. These are simply signs that change needs to happen. Leanne asks your body for the origin of the issue through muscle testing or pendulum work, which both connect to the innate wisdom of your body. She can assist you to let go of what is not serving you and increase your heart connection and vitality. She guides you to understand why you have an issue and empowers you with the

tools of the awareness of the work and what you can practice every day to keep progressing and empowering yourself.

This work helps you to connect with self love and worthiness so that you can find peace, love and happiness. Hence, finding relief from physical and mental dis-ease.



Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain

Sleep issues

Stress of all types

Decision making

Finding balance

Lack of self-worth, self-esteem, self-love



Available Wednesday

Chloe Allison


Yoga Teacher

Certified Life Coach

Energy Healer

Spiritual Mentor

Chloe’s holistic counselling parallels modern science with spirituality. With practicality and confidence, Chloe intuitively works with the inner child, ego protective parts, wounds in the shadows, unbalanced or blocked energy, family attachments and generational traumas.

Her unique counselling and therapeutic experience blends psychotherapy with spirituality to help people make sense of their experiences. This technique enables the healing journey to move from pain to fully realised empowerment.

Holistic Psychotherapy

1 hr – $180

Regular sessions prove beneficial for people experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, addictions, loneliness, trauma, grief or a sense of purposelessness.

Being a qualified, experienced psychotherapist and spiritual counsellor, Chloe’s skill lies in understanding the connectedness between body, mind and spirit.

The five points of Chloe’s ethos.

  • Releasing past pain.
  • Moving toward by connecting deeply to inner wisdom.
  • Gaining inspiration within life purpose.
  • Holding clients in a safe space of reflection and exploration.
  • Assistance with emotions that hinder fullest potential.

Psychosomatic Therapy

2.5 hours – $350

“Traumatic events are almost impossible to put into words.” – Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

For traumatic release, Chloe uses body-based techniques combining talk therapy, psychotherapeutic meditation, journeying and somatic therapy. She teaches how to release and transform from within the body through the layers of being.

Chloe unpacks current challenges by focusing on one area at a time, such as inner child wounding and family disharmony. The client becomes energized by employing self-care tools of the mind and body for example

  • Connecting with others.
  • Staying positive.
  • Creating joy and satisfaction.
  • Taking care of the spirit.

These and many more increase awareness of mindful  experiences and develop in-depth life motivation.


1 hr – $110

Take home new methods for Yoga practice.

Chloe is a skilled Yin Yoga teacher, restorative and trauma-informed, her private Yoga session is tailored to the body, mind, spirit goals and learnings. The session includes:

  • A personalised sequence to suit a person’s level of yoga.
  • Merging elements of nature with the subtle energetics of each practice.
  • Integrating practice and conversation of pranayama, asana, and meditation.
  • Instigating a gentle flow with Hatha style yoga, supporting inward adjustments by physical coiling and twisting to massage the organs, releasing toxins and anger.
  • Trauma yoga aligning the body to deeply connect with the emotional, mental and energetic experience resulting in intense release.

Sigrid Boyle

Ka Huna Massage at Mette’s Institute Queensland

Massage Therapy at NSW School of Massage, Sydney.


Ka Huna
Lomi Lomi
Sports Deep Tissue
Swedish /Relaxation
Lymphatic Drainage
Ancient Hot Stone Therapy
Meditation 1:1
Intuitive Oracle Readings



Sigrid is an Energetic Healer, Hawaiian Bodyworker, Massage Therapist. Her deepest calling is to serve without ego, through her healing gifts and to unlock the power within all her clients to heal themselves. The combination of wisdom, intuition, flow and the healing art of massage profoundly harmonised with her own healing journey. The science of the body deepened her knowledge, as she witnessed how our bodies hold memories and how letting go of these memories can trigger a physical/emotional release which leads to wholeness and intense healing.

Sigrid travelled to Maui and immediately felt an unequalled affinity with Hawaii. She learned Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage in a month-long master-ship program with Jeana Naluai, a native Hawaiian Kumu. The wisdom, stories and chants Jeana shared enriched Sigrid’s practice and connected her to an ancient lineage of healing. The techniques of Lomi Lomi are effective and strong and as her knowledge grew, she decided to share, heal and

inspire. On returning to Australia, she began working at Sydney Ka Huna Centre. Hawaiian Ka Huna Massage clears energy blockages. Enhances intuitiveness. Encourages lymphatic and blood flow. Helps relieve soreness and tension. Relieves muscular tension through deep tissue and stretches. Incorporates sound healing. Reconnects the self to the soul. Allows for access to a deep space of healing. Ka Huna Massage is recommended for emotional hardships, re-balancing and integrating changes, support during periods of stagnancy and uncertainty, reconnecting to the heart, emotional grounding and linking the physical.

The benefits of traditional Lomi Lomi Massage, a re-balancing of the mind, body and spirit. Improvement in circulation and mobility. Flushes toxins and clears energy blockages. Works to the level of the bones where ancestor wisdom is held. Recommended for those who enjoy firm remedial style massage while also receiving the benefits of the relaxing Lomi style. Sigrid’s message, ‘With every client there is dance, connection, transformation and healing. The massage table is an altar where we bring our troubles, worries, fears, aches and pains. We ask the body what it is saying. We clear blockages. With aloha and care you

are guided back home to your true nature. It is in this sacred space that I honour your journey, your stories, and your connection to your ancestors, the earth, forests, sea and stars. I dance to live in the light and serve you so you can live in yours. Honu hoi with love and light.

Hannah Burnie

  • Spinal Flow practitioner
  • Reiki / energetic healer

Available Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays


Hannah is a Spinal Flow practitioner and energetic healer. She believes the body owns the innate wisdom to harmony and health. Our beings are comprised of several layers which all need to be listened to, understood and nurtured: our physical body, our inner health and energetic auric field.

Through a gentle, holistic hands-on approach, Hannah facilitates the rebalancing of the general nervous system and energetic vitality. This will release emotional and physical stress as well as nervous and chemical blockages in the body to restore wellness and improve your overall quality of life.

She creates a safe and non-judgemental space for you to embark on your healing journey and understand and explore your inner being.

Certificate of Spinal Flow Technique.
Founded by Dr Carli Axford.

Catalina Corrales

Energy Healer
Holistic Counsellor
Chakra Balance
Holistic Counsellor



From an early age, Catalina recalls a passion for healing. In the interim period she studied a business degree and worked in human resources. But helping those in need always remained important to her spending hours listening to the emotional needs of other employees and friends. Catalina moved to Australia and took the opportunity to study remedial, sports, Shiatsu and reflexology, which opened up a new world for her. Her clients recognised her capability to apply strong yet sensitive pressure and her talent for working with therapeutic conditions such as tension headaches, shoulder tension, lower back pain and problems with feet and calf muscles.


After eight years of experience Catalina developed a genuine interest in her clients emotional state. She discovered a relation between physical tension and emotional discomfort and so she began to study holistic counselling and complementary therapies using Australian Bush Flower Essences. Catalina also learned in depth the power of crystal healing, the chakra/meridian system and vibrational medicine.


Utilising her multiple experiences, Catalina created a signature Energy Healing Massage that concentrates on the physical, emotional and energetic states of her clients. The client chooses an aromatherapy oil and Australian Bush Flower. Catalina first measures the energy field with a pendulum and muscle testing. This process enables her to target and remove bodily tensions, energetic blockages, stagnant energy and pent-up emotions, via the body’s ten main acupressure points. The result improves energy flow and provides a sense of balance and vitality.


Thursday Friday

Eleanor Ryan

Diploma Of Remedial massage


Deep Tissue




Eleanor discovered her passion for massage during her acting

training where all aspects of the human being are explored.

Movement, breath, energy, emotion and our interaction with

one another became her fascination. She soon recognized not

only the importance of how we use our bodies to

communicate, but also how essential and therapeutic touch

can be. Eleanor went on to gain a Diploma of Remedial

Massage and during her studies she came to recognize the

connection between the physical, emotional and the

energetic body. To deepen her practice she underwent further

training to become a Reiki practitioner.

Using a variety of techniques Eleanor’s treatments aim to

bring about a sense of relaxation to the client, revitalizing and

restoring the body to its state of natural being.

Sunday Monday Tuesday

Caroline Betts

Diploma of Remedial Massage

Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice

Certificate in Therapeutic Hot Stone Therapy





Deep Tissue


Ancient Hot Stone Therapy




Hawaiian Kahuna


Lomi Lomi





With over 18 years experience in a wide range of massage

techniques, Caroline’s dedication and enthusiasm ensures

a perfect and professional treatment, treating the body

as a whole to enable complete health, deep relaxation as

well as vitality and wellbeing. Caroline has experienced

first-hand the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of

massage. For remedial massage she uses a range of

corrective techniques to assist in reducing discomfort,

pain, tension in the body and to increase range of motion

with deep tissue massage or the flowing movements of a

relaxation massage adding the warmth of Basalt Hot Stones

to further penetrate the muscles, melt away tension. Her

treatments bring about a wonderful relaxing renewal.

Julie Sheekey

Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training (Hatha)


Certificate in Yin Yoga Teacher Training


Certificate in Reflexology


Certificate in Cranial Sacral Reflexology


Certificate in Reiki



Ancient Hot Stone Therapy














Julie’s interest in massage began while working with disabled

clients and was sparked by a curiosity of how to better help

and understand particular conditions and bring comfort and

ease to the individual. She has a deep sense of empathy and

enjoys working one on one with clients to achieve set goals

whether that be the lengthening of tissue, restoring balance

between left and right or offering her clients a sense of

empowerment through awareness. Having worked

professionally for 10 years in a sports clinic, her style ranges

from firm flowing remedial, accompanied by trigger point



She has many years of experience in achieving relief to

common complaints such as neck and shoulder stiffness and

lower back pain. Interested in Meridian work she holds a

Certificate in Reflexology and a certificate in Cranial Sacral

Reflexology, a Certificate in Reiki along with studies in fascia

release through Yin based practises. Having practised Yoga

for over 20 years she has a Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training

(Hatha) and a Certificate in Yin Yoga Teacher Training. She

has a keen interest in Art and Health overall and last year

completed some post graduate studies in Health

Communication through Sydney University and continues to

progress her knowledge of the body with some training in

Cranial Sacral therapy (Hugh Milne), and most recently has

completed the first 2 levels in Kahuna Massage through the

Mette Institute.

Raizza Aguisanda

Intuitive Tarot readings


Energy Healings




Akashic records (past lives)


Holistic Counsellor


Sacred love and connection coach


Spiritual guide



Creating a sacred and safe space for you to heal, transform

and reconnect with your soul essence (authentic truth, love,

wisdom and power.)


Raizza’s role is to walk with you and meet you wherever you

are on your journey, to guide and support you as you walk

your path towards liberation. When we choose to heal, we are

essentially developing a deeper connection with ourselves.

We are diving into the depths of our soul; to understand,

shift, unlearn, and break away from anything that has limited

us from reaching our highest potential.


Available Mondays

Hanh Le



Bachelor of Health Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (UTS)

Certificate of Acupuncture from Chengdu (China) and Vietnam




Cosmetic Acupuncture


Chinese herbalist


Hanh has the skills to address your health and beauty goals 

together by blending Traditional Acupuncture with

Cosmetic Acupuncture to help you radiate wellbeing.

Acupuncture is able to treat the body as a whole, as it takes a holistic 

approach to diagnosing, treating and preventing illness and ailments.

Using a combination of body acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture,

herbal medicine and lifestyle

advice Hanh aims to help you with your individual concerns.


Hanh is a member of AACMA and registered with AHPRA under the

national Chinese medicine registration scheme. She is dedicated to providing

accessible and professional care and welcomes any questions and inquiries.



Available Mondays